The Youth Group of Avendale and Drumclog Church in Strathaven, Scotland

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YooF is the truly amazing and dynamic Youth Group of Avendale and Drumclog Church  in Strathaven, (Scotland).  We range from S1 to Uni - and are one of the biggest and most active groups around - but we're a close knit and friendly bunch who spend loads of time together - eating - doing amazing things - eating a bit more - making music -  having fun. Our Praise band has produced two CDs and we even made a feature length Movie - 'Collinder and the Missing Body' and had 200 at the World Premiere!  

But best of all we have fun sharing our faith and growing as Christians.  That's really what YooF is about.  The 24/7 prayer week - the praise group - yooph alpha -threesixteen - are all at the heart of what we do. 

Strathaven is pretty much in the heart of central Scotland and we have a heart for God.

We've been called YooF since about 2001 - the original and best!

So have a look through the window of the YooF RooM at what we get up to. Have a browse - enjoy the pics - get a challenge from what we do - solve the murder mysteries - watch the video shorts - follow the links to the other great things that are happening in our town - but better still get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you. You can email us at

Watch out ---We have a members only bit for those who really are members of YooF ..... you'll have to join to get in there!


YooF a Noun - a group having fun 

YooF - a verb - meaning to enjoy 

YooFully - an adverb - meaning probably full  of food (we usually are) 

YooFish - an adjective - meaning a bit crazy or... maybe an order as you hand your mate a fishing rod &.. 

YooF - been ....invited to to the best website of the best youth group - come browse and see what we're up to. 




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Sunday Morning AT 11
Getting ready for the Grand Prix
Meet in Church as Usual

Sunday Evening 

 Meet at the church at 6 for the HOT BBQ at eh Allen's

Picture of the Week

Jenny & Eleanor have a DMC

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