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Here’s some files (as PDF files) of things we’ve done that we’re happy to share with you and for you to use.  At the moment they are in an unedited format (so excuse any spelling errors). Feel free to use them, but if you do please let us know that you’re doing so by emailing yoof@live.co.uk That way we can learn what is useful and make changes. Also we’d love to hear from you about your own ideas.



God’s Promises

This is a selection of activities we did while looking at God’s promises. It’s the bare bones of the things we did, but you might find them interesting. 

Promise Keyring  There’s a file here containing some of the promises as printable sheets. What we did with these was print them on different colours, laminate them, punch holes in them and thread them onto key-rings to be carried in/on your bag – not as a fashion statement, but as way of remembering them. Let us know how you get on with this. The promises themselves are really challenging as we discovered.


Promises1.pdf Promises1.pdf
Size : 0.023 Kb
Type : pdf
Promises3.pdf Promises3.pdf
Size : 0.026 Kb
Type : pdf
Promises5.pdf Promises5.pdf
Size : 0.038 Kb
Type : pdf
Promises2.pdf Promises2.pdf
Size : 0.025 Kb
Type : pdf
Promises4.pdf Promises4.pdf
Size : 0.029 Kb
Type : pdf


The Promise Keyring



Murder Mysteries

Each year YooF puts on a big social event for the church, for their friends and as a by product it raises funds! We like to murder someone – gets all our aggression out – good for a group of Christians! We have now written 4 different murder mysteries.  We’ve uploaded the script here along with the kind of background evidence we make up and print off for the teams.  Two things: If you read this remember the solution is contained in the script – so if you don’t want to know who did it...look away now.  Secondly we put a lot of work into this and so although we are happy for you to use it (even for a fundraiser please respect our copyright and don’t go selling it. Again please let us know if you’re going to use it by emailing yoof@live.co.uk


Murder By Appointment

Celebrity Dentist Donald Houston is found murdered in his surgery -- who is the culprit and why was he filled in?

Andrew does an amazing double act as the Houston twins

MurderbyAppointmentScript.pdf MurderbyAppointmentScript.pdf
Size : 0.308 Kb
Type : pdf
InstructionsforteamsMurderbyAppointment.pdf InstructionsforteamsMurderbyAppointment.pdf
Size : 0.012 Kb
Type : pdf
AnthonyBoothRobertsBook.pdf AnthonyBoothRobertsBook.pdf
Size : 1.563 Kb
Type : pdf
WavingGoodbyeMagazineArticle.pdf WavingGoodbyeMagazineArticle.pdf
Size : 4.939 Kb
Type : pdf
GoldenGirlBook.pdf GoldenGirlBook.pdf
Size : 4.376 Kb
Type : pdf
Tipsforgooddetecting.pdf Tipsforgooddetecting.pdf
Size : 0.013 Kb
Type : pdf
MotiveCalculatorMurderbyAppointmant.pdf MotiveCalculatorMurderbyAppointmant.pdf
Size : 0.018 Kb
Type : pdf
DonaldHoustonBook.pdf DonaldHoustonBook.pdf
Size : 0.397 Kb
Type : pdf
ZoePatellaBook.pdf ZoePatellaBook.pdf
Size : 0.204 Kb
Type : pdf
RobynBanksBook.pdf RobynBanksBook.pdf
Size : 1.575 Kb
Type : pdf
MurderbyAppointmentopportunity.pdf MurderbyAppointmentopportunity.pdf
Size : 0.017 Kb
Type : pdf


Murder At The Oyster Bar

Investigative TV journalist Nick Dross is found on the set just before the opening of  Jamie Oyster's new seafood restaurant.  There are plenty of suspects, lots of motives, but who's clamming up the truth?

OysterBarScript.pdf OysterBarScript.pdf
Size : 0.378 Kb
Type : pdf
BuildestoidChemicalformula.pdf BuildestoidChemicalformula.pdf
Size : 0.018 Kb
Type : pdf
GuiseppeNewspaperarticle.pdf GuiseppeNewspaperarticle.pdf
Size : 0.947 Kb
Type : pdf
JamieOysterBookCover.pdf JamieOysterBookCover.pdf
Size : 1.176 Kb
Type : pdf
Buildestoiddatasheet.pdf Buildestoiddatasheet.pdf
Size : 0.035 Kb
Type : pdf
HalloMagazineArtickleonRockOyster.pdf HalloMagazineArtickleonRockOyster.pdf
Size : 2.096 Kb
Type : pdf
MurderattheOysterBar.pdf MurderattheOysterBar.pdf
Size : 0.389 Kb
Type : pdf
DelilahSmithBookCover.pdf DelilahSmithBookCover.pdf
Size : 1.622 Kb
Type : pdf
outsideofmenu.pdf outsideofmenu.pdf
Size : 0.516 Kb
Type : pdf
oysterbartickets.pdf oysterbartickets.pdf
Size : 0.926 Kb
Type : pdf
InsideofMenu.pdf InsideofMenu.pdf
Size : 0.533 Kb
Type : pdf
OysterMagazinearticle.pdf OysterMagazinearticle.pdf
Size : 0.621 Kb
Type : pdf
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