Meet some of the Team that make Yoof so Special  


First - The Leaders who are passionate about sharing Christ with young folk.





Murray and Anne (Herbert) have been leading Yoof since it took on that name 10 years ago.  Murray rather likes this picture because it strikes him in an unusually tall pose. He seems to think that food should be served at all Yoof events - a problem which has caused more than one helper to crack like an egg.  The ultimate was toastie night for thirty five. Yet the annual 5 course candle lit dinner at Christmas is always our greatest hit of the year. Maybe he has something after all.

Anne takes her commitment to the group terribly seriously. It seems that the family home is an extension to all yoofer's own houses. Now she has gone to the extreme of driving a car with the Y2OOF registration plate. It's a cool car indeed - but anyone who knows Anne would expect no less.

This pair have been   involved together in YooF like work since even before they were married




Chris and Claire (Macrae) are the other husband and wife duo that makes Yoof go. Until  recently they were part of the driving force behind Powerprayze but recently handed on that role so that they can concentrate more on simple YooF.

Chris has few faults - other than an inability to understand rugby, while Claire is famous the world over for her legendary tablet and sticky toffee pudding.  Funny how food always figures in Yoof.

Like Murray and Anne they have always been involved in some youth work - church based or Scripture Union - They are leaders in charge at Scripture Union Camps each summer



Claire (Harrison) - has been part of Yoof since coming up through the ranks. Now a Phd student with a mind that can do maths, and a penchant for feeding the five thousand - she returns as often as possible to help with Sunday morning Yoof and take that all important digging deeper group (3-16). Claire is a regular leader at SU camps, A Navigator - a willing doer of all that needs done - and the one who had the vision for Powerprayze.  

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