At Yoof we make videos from time to time for special events like praise nights, or just to express some of the things we learn about God. Here you'll find some of our favourites.

The files need to be downloaded before they play -- so be patient. The larger ones may take a few minutes.  But it's worth the wait, we promise. So hang on in there and have a look!



Collinder And The Missing Body

Detective Inspector Collinder (Cameron Herbert) and his faithful sergeant, Pierre Brodick, (Robin Scott) are on the trail of the missing body in this classy detective movie that explores exactly what happened on that fateful Sunday Morning. Join them as they learn the truth about Jesus Josephson.....Jesus Godson the duo go in search of the body that isn't there.

YooF Made this feature length movie (a whole hour) in 2005 and it premiered with 200 folk on a huge screen  - YooF turned up in their premiere frocks and smocks for a gala reception on the red carpet. Now some years on we still watch and remember when some of us were wee-er. Maybe we'll find time for a remake of this classic genre movie. Well it's good concept.

Available to you now for the first time ever online - the entire classic, genre, movie by YooF.

If you want your high quality DVD copy free of charge contact us at and we'll be happy to send you  your very own copy 


"Hooked on Jesus" CD Production 

The YooF Band made it's first CD  in summer 2007. Here's the movie of the making of Hooked on Jesus.  If you'd like a copy..... email us at and learn more about the band on the band page. The video will take a few minutes to download before it will play.  It lasts about 7 minutes..enjoy

Avendale Youth Group-old.avi Avendale Youth Group-old.avi
Size : 13.859 Kb
Type : avi

Who's Eyes

Who's eyes will weep for the dry eyes of this land
And who's heart will break for the hearts made of stone
For those who are walking out into the darkness
Away from God's love without Christ so alone
This is a short video we made for one of our praise nights as a challenge to help us think about how committed we are to praying for our nation.  Ian White sings this song which focuses us on the real challenge we have. We finished that praise night by changing the final verse to..our hearts will weep...and our hearts will break. Reflect on the video and think about your own community, your neighbours, your friends..... 
Who's Eyes.avi Who's Eyes.avi
Size : 7.108 Kb
Type : avi

God's Promises

The Bible is full of promises from God. We made this short movie for a praise night where we were thinking specifically about this. Sit back and reflect on them now - think about how wonderful they are , the challenges they hold for us - and then take some time to delve into the Bible yourself and search for more.

godspromises2.avi godspromises2.avi
Size : 9.551 Kb
Type : avi
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