Each year we have a theme.

2006 - The Bible as a soap opera - We looked at the whole story and how it fits together from Genesis to Revelation - better than Neighbours, better than Corrie, Emmerdale and River City - God's story has a beginning a plan and an end......though the end has yet to come.

2007 God's Promises - The Bible is full of promises from God.  Most come with a condition but they are all good for us. We focussed on what these mean for us. See more about them in the PDF download page.....

2008 - Tell it like it is - We looked at how we share our faith - what the important things are.  What bits of the Bible are good to remember and the challenge of being a Christian at school and Uni. We’ll be uploading some of the stuff we’ve done on the PDF and resources page so you can try it at home or if you prefer with your own youth group.

2009 Prayer - We looked at prayer and practical things in the Bible. in the Autumn we organised a 24/7 prayer room in a flat in the town for a week and 200 Christians from the town visited and maintained a place of continuous prayer for 168 hours!  NON STOP! It's been an amazing time as we reflect on God's involvement in our lives.

2010 - James -  The practical challenges of the book of James on our everyday live - Faith - love and action!  and  Bit Part Players - What about all the minor players in the Bible - Naaman's and he servant girl, the man who ran away in the night when Jesus was arrested.....

2011 - YOOPH ALPHA - 

2012 - The Grand Prix -  The Christian Life as a Grand Prix Race - what's the prize? What are the challenges -? What if we crash out?


The YooF Room?

Our church has been really good to us. They let us have a room – the YooF Room – that we’ve kind of customised with comfy chairs and photos and a dalek. We have a mural and Clairey our artistic heroine did an amazing stained glass window.  we have a wall set up as a large screen for movies, popcorn, along with the Bible bit. We love the space.....

Sunday Morning Yoof

11.00am in the Yoof room.

COME ALONG ! Ages:S1 - Uni

This is the time where we look at what the Bible says to us. We may play some games or have challenges that help us think about the theme for the day. It’s never boring, always challenging. We’ll discuss how it’s all relevant to us, read the Bible and pray.

In a recent poll some Yoof Members said ….

"Yoof Is The BEST!"

"Yoof is a good place to ask hard questions and discuss things"

"You can trust anyone at Yoof"

"We play great games and our brains are put to work with hard challenges”

“What’s for tea at Alpha tonight?”


Learning about the armour of God

Clairey's Windae

 The Yoof Library

And.. the church recently gave us money for a YooF Library. We spent an evening choosing books in Wesley Owen in Edinburgh. That was cool –it was minus 10 degrees outside – so we had some pizza on the way home – but we were able to choose a stack of books on Christian topics, lives and challenges.

 Here's YooF in Edinburgh doing the famous YooF Point --- and some of the YooF Library books

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